CODEZERO is an embedded hypervisor for the ARMv7 architecture. It lets you run multiple operating systems at the same time on a single platform while ensuring a hardware-based isolation between them.

The project mission is to offer OEM-ready solution packages for virtualized designs.

Get Started

Watch the video

Start hacking right-away

$ git clone \
$ make

See Getting Started pages to start with code.(Licensees)

Try prebuilt binaries to test using QEMU, Panda Board or Galaxy Nexus phone. (Publicly available)

Join the community mailing list for developer questions.

How does it work?

Codezero creates logical partitions on the hardware. Secure containers can be created as many as needed, with the ease of software. Each secure container is then populated with additional functionality, from simple main.c file “hello world” projects to full blown operating systems such as Android or Linux.

Supported Platforms

Google Galaxy Nexus, TI OMAP4 (Pandaboard), ARM Versatile Express

Operating Systems

Android, Linux, baremetal/real-time software

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