Baremetal Projects

One of important Codezero features is ability to run baremetal containers. For demonstration purposes and to help new Codezero users the vx-hello meta-config has been prepared.

It’s advised to first try building and running the vx-single-initramfs demo. See Running and Debugging page if you haven’t read it yet. To load the config run:

./ vx-hello

then build it:


If it’s a first time you’re trying to run vx-hello, the building system will copy a template source to codezero-meta/hello_world. Use it latter to discover project details and modify according to your own needs.

The baremetal demonstration uses serial port to print output messages. Use:


script to connect to it.

In another terminal start the debug session using:


And use continue command to start the system.

As a result you should get a bit of output from Codezero loader, kernel and then the baremetal container. The end of it should look like this:

code0: start kernel...

code0: Init kernel mappings...
code0: Virtual memory enabled.
code0: CPU: Cortex-A9, r0p0
code0: CPU supports: ThumbEE/Thumb2/TrustZone
code0: D-cache: PIPT, I-cache: VIPT
code0: Cache Write-back granule: 4 bytes
code0: Exclusive reservation granule: 2048 bytes
code0: D-cache minimum line: 32 bytes
code0: I-cache minimum line: 32 bytes
code0: 1 Levels of caches.
code0: Required LoUUP/LoC/LoUIS levels: 1, 1, 0
code0: L1 cache(s): 192Kb, 3-way, 128 sets, 512-byte lines.
code0: Separate I+D caches with ReadAlloc/WriteBack/WriteThrough support.
code0: icache/enabled, dcache/enabled.
code0: SMP: 1 CPU cluster, CPU0/ are participating in SMP
code0: Kernel area 0xf0000000 - 0xf0035000 remapped as 53 pages
code0: Kernel built on Jun 26 2012, 11:16:33
code0: Allocating 256 pgds
code0: Allocating 256 address_space structs
code0: Allocating 500 ktcbs
code0: Allocating 100 mutexes
code0: Allocating 8000 pmds
code0: Mapping 0xe000 bytes (14 pages) from 0x64000000 to 0xc0000000 for hello
code0: Enabling platform timer.
cont0: Hello world!

Only the last line is from the container itself. Not much, but by modifying the codezero-meta/hello_world project you can get desired results. Use the Hypervisor API page for a reference of Codezero API calls that you may use to build full featured baremetal container, that you can later run in parallel with other baremetal or Linux containers.

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