Downloading the Source


Git is used for all SCM purposes and all the Codezero subsystem repositories are hosted on Github. To learn more about how to use git, check out this git book.

At the moment source releases are available for commercial licensees only.

Getting the sources

$ git clone
$ cd codezero-meta
$ git clone
$ git clone
$ git clone

Note: if you skip the three steps, the building system will clone clean repositories for you during next make command.

The above instructions should result in the following directory structure:


This directory structure is important as the build system looks for various build components in this fashion only.

Codezero Meta (codezero-meta)

This repository contains the configure and build framework of the Codezero system. It contains all the build scripts handling building, configuration and running of Codezero hypervisor as well as various guest kernels. All the build and configuration commands are issued inside this directory.

Browse on github: codezero-meta.git

Codezero Hypervisor (codezero)

This repository contains the sources of the Codezero hypervisor kernel for various supported platforms. Along with hypervisor kernel, it contains L4 library sources that are used to link baremetal application code and virtual guest kernels to the Codezero hypervisor.

Browse on github: codezero.git

Linux (android or linux)

This repository contains the sources of virtualized Linux/Android kernels. This repository contains many git branches, each derived from various OEM vendors that were then para-virtualized for the use with Codezero hypervisor.

Important Note: Each platform has a separate branch, and you should check out the specific branch for the particular platform you want before building.

Browse on github: linux.git

Linux Extras (linux-extras)

This repository contains the sources and prebuilt binaries for various external components, like atags, initramfs, buildroot filesystems etc, needed by Linux/Android systems for booting.

Browse on github: linux-extras.git

Further steps

Continue to Configuring and Building for information on how to compile the downloaded source code or jump to Prebuilt demos to quickly run the existing demos.

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