Versatile Express – QEMU


Versatile Express is a reference platform from ARM. Codezero Team has developed the QEMU platform support for it and contributed it to be included in mainline Qemu. This page covers how to build a minimal virtualized Linux system on QEMU / Versatile Express emulation.


Download the source code:

$ git clone
$ cd codezero-meta
$ git clone
$ git clone
$ git clone

Choose Linux Configuration

For Linux with plain initramfs

Load the vx-single-initramfs meta-config and (optionally) configure the setup

$ ./ vx-single-initramfs
$ make menuconfig # optional

For Linaro Linux

Make sure you use matching linux branch:

$ cd linux
$ git checkout linaro-11.12
$ cd ..

Load the one of the:

  • vx-linaro-11.11-alip – ARM Linux Internet Platform
  • vx-linaro-11.12-nano – Commandline Linux on framebuffer
  • vx-linaro-11.12-ubuntu – Linaro Ubuntu distribution

meta-configs like this:

$ ./ vx-linaro-11.11-alip

This step will attempt to download and build the required Linaro FS for you if you haven’t already done it manually using tools/ script.


$ make

In two separate terminals launch:

$ ./tools/


$ ./tools/

On the second one type continue and press ENTER.


Virtualized Linaro ALIP system running inside QEMU:

Virtualized Linaro Ubuntu system running inside Qemu:

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